Smashed back doors – can’t get back into house but need to get a glazier when we can, lots of broken windows

A few years ago my family went on winter vacation. When we came back to our home in Dorset, we came home to severe flooding. The damage to our home was shocking, to say the least it was devastating. We had no idea what to do, we couldn’t enter our home, but from the outside we could see that there were lots and lots of broken windows and our glass door was completely smashed. 

We really didn’t know what to do, our family home was in shambles and we felt completely powerless. My husband, Roger, made the decision to be proactive, event through there was nothing we could do until we could get back into our home. He called everyone, dry wallers, glaziers… you name it.

As soon as we were allowed to reenter our home the glaziers came in. All I can say is that it gave us great comfort to have our windows professionally taken care of. It allowed us to breathe knowing that our home was at least secure. The professionals that came in were very compassionate and quickly got the job done- they understood our stress, thus acted quick and efficient to help relieve some of our stress.

Sometimes, things just happen, and there isn’t anything you can do to stop it from happening. But, it is comforting to know that there are professionals that can help you get your life back to normal again.

Betty Cohen

Flooding is simply devastating, the impacts on your house are, carpets and hardwood floors ruined stains in the wallpaper, damage to your walls, not simply the paint on them. Furniture and appliances damaged … in times like these all you really need is some peace of mind.

To get this peace of mind you need to start with the little things, as soon as possible, meaning, as soon as you are allowed back in your home. By hiring a professional glazier to repair the windows and glass doors, you will have some peace of mind, because you will have one thing checked off your to-do list, and you know it will be done well.

Furthermore, professionals will work quickly to make sure the job is done well and the job is done right. As Mrs. Cohen explained, you can’t always stop things from happening to your home, but you can make the call to get your life back to normal again. Professional glaziers will work diligently in order to get your windows and glass doors taken care of as quickly as possible, as professionals, we understand the stress that you are going through and it is our job to make your life a little easier.